Winter can be extra tough on your vehicle. Between slush, snow, freezing temperatures and road salt, the exterior and interior of your car can be challenging to take care of this time of year. Nevertheless, it’s critical to stay on top of keeping your vehicle clean to minimize damage from the elements, prolong your vehicle’s life, and retain your vehicle’s value.

To help you make this happen, we’ve assembled a few simple tips below:

  1. Deice Wisely – Icy windshields are common and annoying, but it’s important not to take any shortcuts when deicing. Let the defroster do its job and take an ice scraper to the windshield to thoroughly clear the surface.  Don’t use your windshield wipers to deice, this can damage your wiper blades and even the wiper motor if the wipers are frozen to the windshield.  And never throw hot water on your windshield!
  2. Wax On – Get ahead of the game by applying a coat of quality wax to help protect the paint from the elements. You’ll need a warm environment to do this in, so plan accordingly.
  3. Wash Often – Road salt can cause serious damage to your vehicle; oh the joys of the Northeast! Wash your vehicle often during the winter months, especially after the roads have been salted. This should be done in the daytime and on a day that is at least 40 degrees to avoid freezing locks and doors.
  4. Try a Windshield Cover – If you don’t have a garage, or have to park in the elements while you’re out and about or at work, a windshield cover is a great way to keep snow and ice off of your windshield.
  5. Rubber Floor Mats – You’re going to track in snow, slush, dirty water and salt during the winter. Don’t let it ruin your carpets. Invest in a set of quality rubber floor mats that will hold these elements and keep them away from the carpets.

Enjoy the winter wonderland and keep that sleigh of yours clean!