I’ve been driving for 47 years, John, so as you can imagine I’ve had to do business with collision shops from time to time.The experience I’ve had over the last two weeks with Cole’s Collision Center has been the absolute best I’ve ever had, and I attribute that entirely and solely to Keith Kosakoski. Keith kept me fully informed every step of the way, as I’d requested, with brief e-mail bulletins, and when obstacles were encountered it seemed he didn’t merely overcome them…he vanquished them. Additionally, Keith is very patient, gentlemanly, and respectful of your clientele, which I greatly appreciate also. I can’t be sure, but I think I finally convinced him that it would be okay to call me “Tom.”The body work looks good, too, John, so while I hope we never have to meet again, I’d put my car back in your hands, and in Keith’s, in a minute if the need ever arises in the future.