Most people depend on their cars every day to get them where they need to go. It’s time to return the favor! Make your ride feel special this Valentine’s Day with the following sweet tips and ideas:

Check the battery and spark plugs – Spark plugs can cause misfiring so it’s good to have them checked regularly. You will also want to take a look at the battery posts and clean off any corrosion on them. Ask your mechanic if it’s time to replace the battery or spark plugs, unlike love they don’t last forever!

Clean the interior – Keeping the interior of your car clean will make for a more enjoyable ride for you and your passengers. Vacuum regularly and clean out any garbage. Try getting a new air freshener as well for a fresher, cleaner feel. Empty out any extra baggage in the trunk which will help increase your gas mileage, too.

Upgrade your style – Give your car a stylish update with new seat covers or floor mats. Not only do they look nice, but they also help protect the interior and retain value.

Drive carefully – Avoid taking off quickly at green lights to save your transmission and gas. Watch for potholes and curbs to that can wreak havoc on a variety of parts. And if you see an obstacle in the road, carefully and safely avoid it to prevent damage to your tires and undercarriage.

Regular maintenance – Stick to a regular maintenance schedule with your vehicle, such as getting regular oil changes, rotating tires, and checking fluid levels. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended service schedules.

Wash your car regularly – This is especially important in the winter months. Check out our post, “5 Winter Car Washing Tips” for more details on keeping your car clean.

Fill up your gas tank before it gets too low – Over time, sediment can build up at the bottom of your gas tank and your fuel filter will catch most of this debris. If you consistently let your gas tank get low, you could pull some of this sediment into the fuel line and engine. It’s a good rule of thumb to fill up your gas tank before it gets below a half or quarter tank.

With these actions, your vehicle will be sure to feel the love this Valentine’s Day!