Spring is coming! Celebrate the season with these 6 spring car care tips:

  1. Check battery: After a long, cold winter it’s good to have your battery tested as well as making sure it’s clean, secure and corrosion free.
  2. Wash and wax: Thoroughly clean your car to get rid of dirt, debris and any leftover salt from the winter, which can cause rust and damage to your car. Be sure to clean the undercarriage. Waxing your car will help to protect it from oxidation and the elements.
  3. Clean interior: There’s a good chance you haven’t cleaned the inside of your car during the cold weather, so now that it’s getting warmer it’s a good time to break out the cleaning supplies. Remove any trash, vacuum the floors and upholstery, clean the inside of the windows and clean all plastics. Hang an air freshener and you’re good to go!
  4. Check tire pressure: Tire pressure will decrease in the cold temperature. Warmer temperatures may increase tire pressure. With temperature fluctuation, it’s a good time to check your PSI.
  5. Check alignment & suspension: Winter can be especially tough on your vehicle because of potholes or rocks in the road, which can damage your car’s alignment or suspension. If your car pulls to one side or vibrates as you drive, this is an indicator that there may be an issue.
  6. Check fluids: Spring is a good time for an oil change if you haven’t gotten one during the winter. Check your fluids as well, such as transmission, wiper, power steering, brake fluid and coolant.

Happy Spring!