Valentine ’s Day is just around the corner! While you’re busy creating the most romantic night out, buying chocolates, and making reservations, don’t forget about the other love of your life…your vehicle! Show your car some love this Valentine ’s Day with these fun dates just the two of you can enjoy!

  1. A day at the spa: Give your car some love by taking it for a wash. There’s a lot of salt out there on the roads and you may be noticing some extra filth on the exterior of your vehicle. Make it sparkle and shine with a wash and a wax. Plus it will value the quality time together!
  2. Go full service: Don’t just stop at the exterior…clean out the inside too! It’s the middle of winter and lots of salt and dirt have traveled inside on your boots. Give the dash a wipe down, take out the trash, and vacuum the floor and seats. Your date will appreciate it too!
  3. Dress it up nice: There’s nothing better than a clean car…except a clean car dressed to the nines! Don’t forget to de-fog the headlights, check tire pressure, replace old windshield wipers, and top off the fluids.
  4. Don’t forget the accessories: Want to really show your car you care? Get a set of all-weather floor mats to protect the carpets from the dirt and grime of every season. Perhaps your ride would like a cover for the back seat to protect it from messy kids and pets. Or maybe just a nice new scented air freshener.
  5. Show your car you care by being a good listener: Have you noticed your car making any strange noises? Is it trying to tell you something? Make sure you listen for any new or strange noises and bring it in to the mechanic right away. There’s nothing worse than being stranded on date night!

Follow these sweet tips and your car will have the best Valentine’s Day ever!