In honor of car enthusiasts everywhere, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of stocking stuffers every one of us would love to receive this holiday season. Sometimes car people can be misunderstood, so we’ve decided to make it easier to shop for the loved one on your list who simply loves cars!

  1. Air Fresheners – The options are endless for this one, from air vent clips to classic trees that hang on your rearview mirror and every scent in between. When in doubt, go for the new car smell!
  2. Car Wash Pass – Is the car enthusiast in your life the one who is notorious for an always shiny ride? It IS important to keep old (or new) reliable clean, especially during the winter to avoid unnecessary salt damage. That’s why a pass to the car wash, whether it’s a set number of visits or the year round unlimited option (lucky!), would make any car enthusiast’s Christmas merry.
  3. Ice Scraper – This is a practical one for us Northeast residents. Snow and ice will come, and it’s better to be prepared with an ice scraper or two in the vehicle at all times.
  4. Interior Cleaning & Protectant Wipes – Clean interiors are just as important as clean exteriors. Your car lover will love having quality wipes to clean up unexpected messes on the go and to protect and seal the sensitive areas of their vehicle’s interior while they’re at it.
  5. Magnetic Cell Phone Clip – Artificial intelligence like “hey Siri” and “okay Google” have really changed the game when it comes to the usefulness of a cell phone. Having a magnetic mount makes using the GPS, taking calls on speaker or requesting emergency roadside assistance with your mobile device hassle free AND hands free.
  6. Driving Gloves – If you’re going to drive, you might as well drive with warm hands and in style!
  7. Personalized Keychain – Nobody will appreciate having their keys dressed up and personalized as much as someone who truly appreciates what they stand for. When in doubt, a personalized keychain is always a stocking win.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays to you and your family!