Summer 2020 officially kicks off on June 20th. This summer is likely to be very different than our usual summers with ongoing social distancing and safety precautions. But you can still enjoy the warm, sunny weather and beautiful skies by going for plenty of summer drives!

Let’s get your vehicle ready for summer:

  1. Check the A/C – While windows down is often preferred for a summer cruise, sometimes you might just want to cool down with the A/C. Have you tested it lately?
  2. Find Your Sunshade – Do you know where you sunshade is? Putting a sunshade inside your windshield while your car is parked in the sun is a great way to keep the inside of the vehicle cooler for when you’re ready to get in it while also protecting the dash from fading.
  3. Wax On – Keep your ride looking its best with a thorough wash and wax. Find a shady spot and start shining it up. Not only will it look great, but your vehicle’s paint will be protected from the sun after you wax it.
  4. Test the Lights – Summer night drives are awesome, but make sure you’ll be able to see well and that others will be able to see you. Test your high beams, low beams, turn signals, fog lights, taillights and brake lights. If any are out, get them fixed before your next night cruise.
  5. Fill Up on Fluids – The heat of summer can be harsh on your vehicle’s systems. Check all fluids, especially your coolant, to make sure nothing is low and top off as needed. If you’re due for service, make an appointment with your mechanic.

We hope you have a safe and fun summer!