Kaishinsha Motor Car Works was founded in 1911 by Masujiro Hashimoto in Japan. The company produced its first car in 1914, knows as the DAT. The company adopted the name DAT Motors in 1918 producing trucks, the DAT, and Datson passenger cars. It wasn’t until the 1930s when the company launched the name Nissan. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan)

1914 the first Datsun (https://www.nissanusa.com/about/heritage.html)

Datsuns were premiered in America in 1959. Production of these automobiles was in Mexico, Australia, and Taiwan. Datsuns swiftly became a popular vehicle, selling the one millionth vehicle in the 1970s. Production in America started in 1983 when the first American factory opened in Tennessee. Through the 80s, Nissan continued to build on its success, producing race cars and the first Nissan pickup truck. (https://www.nissanusa.com/about/heritage.html)

1983- first Nissan pickup truck (https://www.nissanusa.com/about/heritage.html)

The 1990s was a big decade for some of Nissan’s most well-known models. In 1992 the two millionth Sentra was sold in the U.S. and the first Altima was manufactured. (https://www.nissanusa.com/about/heritage.html)

Nissan has always been conscious of the environment and working toward creating a better car for the planet. In 1991 they received an environmental award from the EPA and came up with a concept for a future electrical vehicle. In 2007 their first hybrid vehicle was debuted.

2007 first Nissan hybrid (https://www.nissanusa.com/about/heritage.html)

Nissan remains a forward thinking company aiming to always improve and evolve.

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