Homes have turned into classrooms and parents have turned into teachers. With much of the country staying home, continuing successful learning can be a challenge. Step outside of the usual lesson plan for a day of automotive education! We’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly, car-related educational resources. We hope you and your children enjoy them!

“Learning Activities for Kids Who Love Cars!” from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls – This mom has thoughtfully compiled a list of fifteen learning activities for kids who love cars. These activities range from literacy to math to colors and more, all with the use of toy cars. Available here:

“How Car Engines Work: Lesson for Kids” from – offers many educational resources for different age ranges. This particular lesson is dedicated to teaching kids how car engines work. The lesson comes complete with helpful information about engines and a quiz to reinforce the knowledge. Available here:

“Teaching Kids about Car Maintenance” from Helpful Mechanic This helpful resource walks parents through the importance of and tips for teaching your child about car maintenance.  Available here:

“Building our very own cars in preschool” from Teach Preschool – Use this blog post by a preschool teacher to build a felt car with your preschool aged child while expanding their vocabulary. Available here:

“Cars | Free Coloring Pagesfrom Crayola – Sometimes you just want to color! These car-related coloring pages are a great way for kids to get creative. Available here:

We hope you are making the most of this extra time with your little ones. Happy learning!