Spanning around 3,000 miles from coast to coast and various terrains, it’s no wonder the United States is a popular road trip destination. There’s plenty to see and plenty to do as you travel across the country. While planning your next trip, consider these famous U.S. roads:

  1. Route 66 – So famous that multiple artists have made a song about it, good old Route 66 runs all the way from Illinois to California. The iconic roadway was one of the country’s first highway systems and runs over 2,000 miles winning it a place in history as well as the hearts of Americans everywhere.
  2. The Million Dollar Highway – Also known as US Highway 550, this famous American road runs all the way from New Mexico to Colorado. While it doesn’t quite reach the length of Route 66, you can still get your kicks on this beautifully scenic roadway. Built in the late 1880s, the highway became famous for the spectacular scenery and the abundance of small adventure towns and ghost villages it is now lined with.
  3. Pacific Coast Highway – California State Route 1 runs along the Pacific Coast of California (as you may have guessed from the name). As if running along an awe-inspiring stretch of ocean views wasn’t enough to garner attention, the highway is also commonly featured in music videos and movies.
  4. UFO Highway – Nevada State Route 375 is a 98 mile stretch of highway located in south-central Nevada. The stretch of road runs mostly through unoccupied desert and is most famous for being near the rumored location of Area 51, and for a cluster of UFO sightings.
  5. Gold Rush Highway 49 – Last but not least, Historic Highway 49 claims its spot on the list of America’s most famous roads. Also located in California, this famous state route will take you back in time to – you guessed it – the gold rush! The 295 mile highway is famously dotted with mining communities that have maintained their 1850s charm from the time of the also famous ‘49ers who traveled to the area hoping to strike gold.

Happy road tripping!