We all remember our first car. Just like we all remember the car that got us to and from our college campus, picked up our friends along the way, and ran us to get those final few dorm supplies before leaving home. As the fall semester draws near, we’ve put together some helpful tips to make sure your college student is ready to hit the road safely this semester:

  1. Safety First – The drive to campus can be a long one, and breakdowns happen. Be prepared with an emergency kit, fully charged cell phone, and a few snacks in case you have to wait for help to arrive.
  2. Check Engine Light – If any of your vehicle’s service lights are on, now is the time to get it to the garage and take care of any issues. Don’t increase the chance of a breakdown by procrastinating on service and repair.
  3. Check Fluids – This tip winds up in nearly all of our car care posts, but there’s good reason for it. Running out of coolant, forgetting to change your oil or even being too low on wiper fluid can all be recipes for disaster. So don’t forget this vital step!
  4. Headlights, Taillights & Turn Signals – Make sure you can see and that you can be seen by others. Check your headlights, taillights and turn signals to ensure all are working properly. If any are out, get them fixed before you begin your voyage to school.
  5. Battery Test – Does your vehicle start with ease, even on a cold morning? Are the terminals clean and secure? How old is your battery? Clean it, secure it, and replace it if necessary.

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation, and have a wonderful (and safe) semester!