Summer is officially here! With winter long gone and sunny warm weather upon us, it’s a great time to give your vehicle the thorough wash, wax and detail it deserves. To get you started, we’ve assembled a few tips to help get your ride looking its best:

  1. Always use products specifically meant for vehicles. If you’re thinking about grabbing the dish soap and heading for the car, don’t do it! It’s not meant to be used on a vehicle’s paint and could do more harm than good. Instead, opt for car wash specific soaps.
  2. Rinse before you mitt. Start by thoroughly rinsing your vehicle to remove large debris. Then move on to hand washing with soap and water. Work your way from the top down, as the lower portion of your vehicle is likely the dirtiest.
  3. Dry in the shade. To help avoid water spots, try not to dry your vehicle off in sunny areas. Pull into a shady spot so that you can dry your vehicle before the sun does.
  4. Wax on. Help protect your paint with a coat of quality wax. This will give it that extra shine while simultaneously preserving the exterior of your vehicle.
  5. Give the interior some attention too. Remove and clean the floor mats, vacuum the seats and carpets, clean the dash and plastics, tidy up the center console and glovebox, and top it off with a summer scent air freshener.

Bonus tip: Your tires would appreciate a little attention too! Tire shine takes just a short minute to apply and will make your tires look like new. Be sure to apply tire shine to only the sidewall and not the tread.

Happy washing and happy summer!