Summer = Road Trips! Before you channel your inner Clark Griswold and hit the road à la National Lampoon’s Vacation, take the time to plan and prepare so that your trip can be smooth and enjoyable.

Start off with an actual plan. Chart out your times, your route, where you’ll stop for fuel/food/resting, and where you can stop in case of emergency.

Once you have your itinerary established, let your family know so that they are aware of where you’re headed and when. This is for both your safety and your family’s interest in case they need to reach you.

As departure day draws near, start assembling some emergency supplies. A good roadside kit will include things like first aid supplies, a reflective warning triangle, jumper cables, tow rope and basic tools. It’s also wise to pack a couple of bottles of water and non-perishable snacks in the event that you become stranded and have to wait for help.

Finally, make sure your vehicle is prepped for travel. It should be current on all maintenance, inspection and registration. Tires should be properly inflated and the spare should be inspected. Fluid levels should be to the specs in your owner’s manual. Battery terminals should be clean and secure. When in doubt, have a certified mechanic check over your vehicle to be sure it’s road trip worthy.

We hope that your road trip is memorable, fun, safe and problem free!