As we enter the hottest weeks of the summer, staying cool can become a priority not just for your comfort but for your vehicle’s too. Hot weather can have unexpected effects on your car. Use these 5 simple tips to keep you comfortable and keep your car in tip top shape through the dog days of summer.

  1. Get a windshield sun shade – Not only can placing this simple accordion style cover across your windshield keep the temperatures in your car down by up to 40 degrees, they can protect your dash and interior. Allowing the sun to beat down on your dashboard and seats can cause fading, cracking, bubbling and unnecessary wear. Not to mention, nobody loves having to gasp for air when they crawl back into their car or peeling their legs off of the seats. So cover up that windshield and grab a shady spot to park.
  2. Keep your air conditioning in proper working order – Air conditioning can be your car’s greatest gift to your comfort, especially when the heat starts climbing up over 80 and even having the windows down doesn’t seem to help. Keeping your windows up to have the A/C on can also improve aerodynamics and driving conditions, and help keep you alert as a driver. High heat conditions can cause drowsiness along with making you uncomfortable, so if your A/C is weak bring it to a certified mechanic right away.
  3. Check your fluid levels often – The heat can be rough on your engine’s health as well as your battery. Make sure your battery is strapped in tight to avoid excessive vibration and all of your fluid levels are topped off to keep things cool and running smoothly.
  4. Monitor your belts and hoses – Belts and hoses are at a higher risk of cracking and malfunctioning when they’re exposed to the hot weather. It’s hard to avoid the heat in the summer, but keeping your car in the shade when possible can help reduce the exposure. When in doubt, have a certified mechanic inspect all components.
  5. Keep extra water on hand –Drinking enough water can keep your body temperature down, making the heat more bearable and also helping to keep you alert and safe as you drive. Keeping extra on hand is always a safe measure just in case you do have a breakdown this summer. Make it a staple in your emergency kit.

Summertime is incredible for many reasons: vacations, road trips, beaches and so much more. Keep the summer fun going by staying cool and avoiding vehicle issues this season. Happy Summer!