As the weather gets nicer, gearheads everywhere are getting more and more excited to uncover their summer rides and hit the road. With your vehicle sitting for a few months, it’s a good idea to thoroughly go through it to make sure it is in proper condition for the cruises that lie ahead. Before hitting the road, here’s a basic checklist to go over:

  1. Check the battery – If you removed your battery from your vehicle for storage, it’s likely to have a low charge level. If necessary, give it a charge before reinstalling it. Otherwise, check that it is installed securely and that the terminals are rust and corrosion free before starting up.
  2. Check the fluid levels – Even if you changed the oil right before you winterized your car, it’s still a best practice to give it another oil change now. However, before even driving to the garage, make sure you check the dipstick for proper oil levels and signs of contamination. If there is a red or green tint to your oil, this is a good sign of contamination from your coolant system.
  3. Check your tires – Do a visual check for any signs of damage and check the air pressure. It’s common for PSI to be low after sitting over the winter, so be sure to add air to any tire that is below the proper PSI.
  4. Do a thorough visual check – Grab a flashlight and look underneath the hood and underneath your car for any leaks, chewed or torn hoses, harnesses or wires. Make sure to repair any problem areas that you find.
  5. Inspect brake pads and rotors – Go over your brakes visually to make sure that the pads are not worn down and the rotors are not rusted. Then make sure to press on the breaks a few times and observe that the pedal returns to the proper position on its own and is not too easy to press. If anything seems out of the ordinary, get it looked by at right away.

Here’s to warm weather, back road cruises, car shows and road trips!