Keeping your vehicle clean throughout the winter months can be challenging. Snow, ice, road salt and freezing temperatures add up to dirty, frozen cars. However, with a few good habits you can keep your vehicle looking and feeling good this winter!

  1. Frequent car washes: A good rule of thumb is to try to wash your car every 10 days in the winter, given that the temperature is at least 40 degrees. It is best to use a professional car wash with handheld pressure wands which can help you thoroughly clean the car’s body as well as undercarriage, where salt buildup can occur.
  2. Dry thoroughly: Make sure to dry your car thoroughly to prevent collected water from freezing your doors or trunk shut. Use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle and leave the doors open so moisture does not collect.
  3. Protect wheels and tires: Use protective wax for your wheels or wheel coatings to prevent brake dust adhesion and repel snow and ice. Protect your car’s tires with a tire gel which hydrates the rubber to keep it flexible in the cold winter months.
  4. Rubber floor mats: Replace carpet floor mats with rubber ones. This will prevent salt from staining the carpet and also prevent salty water from soaking through the carpet and rusting or corroding the floor of the car.
  5. Remove snow and ice: It’s tempting to just do a quick clean of snow or ice and be on your way, however be sure to thoroughly remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before taking off. Not only is it a safety issue, but it will also help your vehicle from becoming a frozen mess.

So keep your vehicle clean this winter and remember, spring is just a couple of months away!