October is Fall Car Care Month, which means it’s time to get your car in shape for the coming winter months. Regular maintenance is always a wise idea; however winter can bring even harsher conditions for your vehicle to endure making maintenance as important as ever. The following links are a few helpful resources to get you started on preparing for winter:

CarCare.org – The nation’s leading not-for-profit for car care and safety, CarCare.org focuses on the importance of vehicle maintenance and service to stay safe on the road. Follow the above link to learn more about how to participate in Fall Car Care Month this October!

CarWash.com – While the maintenance of your vehicle’s mechanical systems is very important to keep up on, it’s also important to keep both the interior and exterior of your car clean and protected. Click the above link to see five of CarWash.com’s best fall car care tips.

AAA.com – Who doesn’t love a good checklist? AAA has put together a Winter Car Care Checklist which is great to tackle now during fall before winter weather arrives.

The changing seasons are a great reason to get ahead on your vehicle maintenance. Whether you plan to do it yourself or you’re more comfortable heading into the shop, make Fall Car Care Month a productive month for you and your vehicle.