BOO! Halloween is right around the corner, which means trick or treaters will be coming to a street near you. For a safe Halloween night, read on and keep the following driving safety tips in mind.

Watch for Trick or Treaters

Children of all ages will be out and about walking along the road or sidewalks and crossing the streets. Their movements are generally hard to predict, so it is more important than ever to drive slowly and be aware of everything that is going on around your vehicle.

Watch for Parents

Let’s not forget the parents accompanying their trick or treaters on this candy collecting adventure. Parents may be standing along the side of the road waiting for their trick or treaters and might be hard to see, so exercise caution and keep an eye out for pedestrians both big and small.

Be Predictable

Making sure other drivers and pedestrians know what your intentions are as a driver will help to minimize confusion for everyone. Being a predictable driver is one of the best defensive driving tips for any situation, and its importance with increased pedestrian traffic cannot be understated. Coming to a full stop at stop signs and stop lights is critical, as is using your turn signals and hazard lights when appropriate. Turning on your headlights earlier than normal can also help make your vehicle more visible when the daylight starts to fade.

Ditch the Distractions

You have enough to keep your eyes on this Halloween with trick or treaters, parents and other vehicles sharing the roads with you. Tuck your phone out of sight and turn your radio down so that you can keep your eyes and ears on the environment around you.

From all of us at Cole’s Collision Centers, we hope you have a very spooky, fun and safe Halloween!