Honda Motor Co., Ltd. began in 1949 when co-founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa introduced their first original D-type motorcycle. Mr. Honda affectionately named the design the “Dream”.

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On June 11, 1959 they established the first ever overseas subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in Los Angeles, CA. The subsidiary was named American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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The Honda N600 was released in 1969 and became the first Honda automobile ever sold in America.

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In 1974, the Honda Civic becomes the first vehicle to meet the strict emissions standards of The Clean Air Act of 1970. This model sported the groundbreaking CVCC engine that Honda Motor Co. developed in response to the rallying cry of “Blue skies for our children”. The engine was unique in that it met the Act’s standards without the use of a catalytic converter.

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The Honda Accord was introduced in 1976 and followed by the Accord Sedan in 1979. This model is still the best-selling passenger car in America today.

(Honda ACCORD in the Honda Collection Hall, By Rainmaker47 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Honda launched their game-changing the Acura NSX in 1990. With its all-aluminum monocoque body, the NSX remains a classic and a statement to Honda’s innovation in the supercar arena.

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In 1999 the Honda Insight becomes the first Hybrid vehicle available for purchase in North America.

(Honda Insight, By dave_7 from Lethbridge, Canada – Honda Insight, CC BY 2.0,

Looking to the future, the Honda Motor Company has its sights set on the goal of having three-quarters of all cars sold by their company be either a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric or fuel cell by the year 2030. Since the 70’s, this iconic company has been striving for a better planet and innovation in the field of human mobility. Today they continue to carry that legacy.

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