The Most Loveable Famous Red Rides in History


We have discussed before how our vehicular companions do not receive nearly enough recognition for their support on screen. With Valentine’s Day in the air, we wanted to send some love their way. Below is a list of the most lovable red rides ever to cross the big screen.

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Lightning McQueen featured in Cars

Lightning McQueen is an animated character, yes. But his classic shiny red coat and bright yellow lightning bolt can be recognized from a mile away. From the many lessons that lightning is made to learn throughout the movie, to the comradery and sportsmanship of racing, Mr. McQueen is a surefire way to gain the heart of the littlest of car fanatics in your home.

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1961 Ferrari 250GT featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?” Not only is this Ferrari beautiful enough to marvel at for hours, but who didn’t want to cruise the streets of Chicago with Ferris on his epic day off?

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1976 Grand Torino featured in Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch are legendary. Whether you grew up watching their show or got hooked on the feature film that debuted in 2004, you can’t miss their Grand Torino. Just like its white striping on either side, the car boasts of adventure and strength as it aids these detectives in their many action-packed escapades. A detective duo, a classic muscle car and playful, action-packed justice. What’s not to love?

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1948 Ford Super Deluxe ‘Greased Lightning’ featured in Grease

We’ve all dreamed of another spin through our glory days. No responsibilities, nothing but possibility on the horizon, our first car. In the movie Grease, this bright red, souped up version of Kenickie’s ride is only seen in two scenes. In the first scene, the boys are fixing up the ‘clunker’ and looking towards their future. In the second, Danny and Sandy are driving off the lot of their high school for the last time. This car, like many of the other metaphors in this movie, stands for the impending changes, potential and excitement that are all reaching a head in these teenagers’ lives. And in the last scene it quite literally is driving them into their future.  How lovely!