Many of us set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. We make determined statements regarding our relationships, career, health and habits, like clockwork setting our intentions and focus for the year to come. It’s extremely common to make a resolution to change an area of our life that we think will improve our overall quality of life. How often, however, do we consider our vehicle to be one of those areas? We all hate car trouble, and it can seriously disrupt our lives. So why not resolve to take better care of our vehicles in 2019, so that they can be the asset in our lives that we bought them to be rather than the reason we’re late to work or asking for a ride? Here’s a list of resolutions to improve your relationship with your vehicle this year:

  1. Keep It Clean – Both on the inside and the outside. Keeping the exterior of your car clean and protected can help to ward off rust and other costly damage. Keeping the interior free of garbage and debris will help it look good, smell good, and remain in proper condition over time. This resolution can help to prolong the vehicle’s resale value, too.
  2. Schedule Regular Maintenance – From oil changes to rotating tires to tune-ups…make a commitment to stick to the recommended service schedule for your vehicle this year. Get it scheduled, get it on the calendar, and get it to the shop.
  3. Checking Tires and Fluids Regularly – Tire pressure can affect your vehicle’s fuel mileage and traction. Keeping your tires properly inflated is a great way to help prevent dreaded car troubles. The same goes for fluids. Making sure that everything is fresh and topped off will keep your vehicle running at optimum performance levels.
  4. Be a More Eco-Friendly Driver – We know that we only get one planet, and we can make a difference with small, simple changes. Many of these small changes you can make, like skipping letting your car idle in the mornings and driving in a way that improves fuel mileage, are actually wallet-friendly as well. For more information on how to be a more eco-friendly driver, check out our recent blog post Tips for Being a More Eco-Friendly Driver.

Whatever you resolve to change this year, the important thing is that you stick to it and give it your all. From everyone at Cole’s Collision Centers, we wish you Happy New Year and a prosperous 2019!